Visually Sound

A personal project where I will be choosing an album, creating a visual poster pertaining to each song in the album, and then animating it.

Vol 1.

Jack Harlow - That's What They All Say

That's What They All Say


“Face of My City"

“21C / Delta"

“Funny Seeing You Here"

“Way Out"

“Already Best Friends"

“Keep It Light


“Same Guy"

“Route 66"

“Tyler Herro"

“Love Is Dro"

“Whats Popping"

“Baxter Avenue"

1. Rendezvous

As I was working through it, I decided that the art would follow the color scheme of the album cover. 

I tried to incorporate the notion of a meeting point and a clock into the poster using the lines that lead to the point as well as the 12 lines at the bottoms representing 12 hours. 

So far I'm happy with this design, still working on finishing the animation, there is definitely tweaking to be done with it.