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“Recover is an exploration in interactivity and experiential design that highlights the current state of Earth's Oceans. Our aim is to increase awarness and provide solutions to minimize the negative impact of human processes that are destroying the home of thousands of marine species. Through the power of individual choice, you are encouraged to understand the impace of you decisions, specifically how they impace the ocean. Each decision you make will work together to create a cohesive underwater environment that is unique to you. We encourage you to both enjoy the environment you create and also notice how it it is affected by human processes."

Senior Design Projects is one of the final classes AET students must take in order to graduate. The purpose of this class is to highlight everything students have learned throughout their college career. Students come up with their own project and through the guidance of an advisor bring it to life.

Ryan Weisner
Creative & Techinical Lead
Natalie Broussard
Technical Lead & Project Manager
Laura Godinez
Content Creator & Publishing Producer
Ozair Iyoob
Production Artist and Documentation Photographer
Harry Wilde-Greer
Production Artist and Documentation Photographer

This page will take a look into my part in this project which includes the visuals and the programming of our playback system.

To explain what our project does, simplified, it is this:

Our user is answering a questionare. When they press an answer, visuals pop up, a sound is played, and a lighting look happens. The first three questions set up the ocean envirnoment that stays with them the whole way through. The next 5 questions vary in visuals depending on the answer they choose. My role in this project was to create the visuals that popped up when an answer was chosen and also to create the system that, not only, hosted the visuals/questions, but also allowed for user interaction to create the immersive experience. 

Final performance: