Programming Overview


Simplifying our system diagram down to the basics to give a clear view of what exactly the system is doing.

We have our main playback computer that is sending visuals to our User Monitor which is, in turn, sending back information based on User interaction. The main computer (MC) is then taking that information and either a) triggering visuals and/or b) triggering OSC commands.

If visuals are triggered, they are then sent to Projectors 1-4. If the OSC commands are triggered, the MC sends an OSC to the other computer which is running Qlab. The OSC messages sent to the Qlab Computer (QC) to trigger cues. These cues also do one of two things. They either a) trigger visuals and sounds or b) trigger OSC commands.

If visuals and sounds are triggered, visuals are sent to Projectors 5-6 and sound is sent to the speakers. If OSC commands are triggered, the QC sends an OSC message to the HOG Lighting Board.

Once the HOG lighting Board revives the OSC command from the QC it triggers lighting cues.