TouchDesigner Output


Going through the bare basics of my TouchDesigner file, the image below shows what my perform window looks like.

There was one monitor and 4 different projectors that were connected to this Touch computer. Projector 1 and 2 make up one huge surface, the content was split in two for it. Projector 3 and 4 also show the visuals from 1 and 2 but are their own separate projector as well.

For reference here is what our projection diagram looked like:

Performance Container

Diving into the project container, there are three different parts to it. User container, Main_PS container and then all the nodes outside of there.

User container

  • Outputs visuals to the User Screen only. The user interacts with this screen as it is where they answer the questions. Depending on the answer they choose for each question, information is then sent to the Main_PS container.


  • Outputs visuals to projectors 1-4. The visuals inside of this container show up on the projection surfaces depending on the answers chosen on User Screen.

Projection Surface Nodes

  • I can’t take credit for this part as I had help from someone outside of our group. He showed me the best way to split up the visuals to output it to the appropriate projectors. Visuals for projectors 1 and 2 are output using CamShnappr as the surfaces we were projecting on had to be mapped. Visuals for projectors 3 and 4 are just output via their own container.