May 9th

Opening night!

Nerves were very high for everyone but everything turned out really great!! Miki did a great job running the show, the only thing that didn’t go as planned was during our 6th visual where we have to change to our first visual and back to the 7th visual I forgot to tell Miki to fade to black so everyone saw the switch and all the visuals run through. The good thing is that talking with our choreographer and other people who didn’t know that was supposed to happen, it looked intentional!

May 10th

Final performance!

I was the one that ran the show tonight and just like yesterday, everything went great. I did go in earlier that day and coded a little indicator near that when my output was black I knew it was safe to start switching visuals, something that I probably should have done waaaaaay earlier but failed to do. It was a much fuller house this time and my friend that I invited came. It was great to show them what had been eating up all my time this semester 🙂

Red indicator near output window