Tech days!

May 5th

Morning tech + Dress Act 1

So for the most part, during our morning tech day, everything ran smoothly. Miki and I came in an hour before our official start time just to double check that bypassing all the containers worked and we would be able to open up our show file (spoiler: it did!!!). Another problem we ran into is that the computer being used did not like any of my flash drives (something about the hub not having enough storage??) so we had to upload our entire master file onto utBox and then download from there.

My Mac did end up being the problem of not running the code to trigger the play + switch of videos because, on the windows, it worked perfectly! There were just some timing issues we resolved before our dress act later that night. The only other two things that were changed was the color of our tunnel, due to it conflicting with the lights our lighting designer and I went back and added a colorful timeline at the bottom that indicated when what visual had to be playing so we could rely on that and on the cues we gave our stage manager to call for us.

Colorful timeline
New tunnel color

Later that day for Dress Act 1

I’m pretty sure everything worked out perfectly? All our videos triggered the way they were supposed to and we even got a little standing ovation from the rest of the groups that were there because they absolutely loved the ending!!! The only thing our choreographer requested to change was that Miki lowercase the words in our last visual. For a hot minute she wanted to change the name if the piece ‘it’s okay’ which would have resulted in us having to change the entire look of the last visual which sent us into a bit of a panic but luckily after the positive response of tonight she changed her mind.

May 8th

Final Dress!!!

Everything ran perfectly! It was so exciting to see what the rest of the groups have been accomplishing all semester and I think all of us are so proud of what we have done. I also think we are all excited, nervous and ready to be done lol. Miki is going to be controlling the show tomorrow, I’m excited!