MAJOR issue but resolved?

May 3rd


So a MAJOR problem occurred yesterday (May 2nd). I was working on the file in the morning around 11 am and saved it, but when I tried to open it up around 2 pm later that day it did not want to. I got an error saying the file was corrupted and I went in today to talk to my professor about it. The weird thing was that it opened up perfectly on my Mac but not on the windows computers. Turns out there was something in my tox files that TD didn’t like. The advice my professor gave me was to just bypass all my containers before I save anything because that’s the only way anything seems to be working wooooo! It’s going to be a pain but I hope that everything will run smoothly on Sunday as that is when our tech day for our group and the first dress rehearsal was.

All containers bypassed
Outside view of containers bypassed

Coding videos to timeline

The one good thing that did come out of yesterday was that now I have learned how to code the Play/Pause buttons so that when my timeline hits a certain frame, it automatically starts playing and it also switches over to the visual we need. This will definitely make it way easier to be able to play the videos for visual 2, 4, 6, and 9 since we need them to start at specific times so that everything his the beat perfectly to the music. I still need to make sure I am getting the right frame some of them are off and some need to start way earlier than when they actually have to switch into the visual, but it’s going to look pretty spectacular once I get it right.

Coding of videos

New masking

In order to fit our projections into the projector for our tech on Sunday, we also had to add the masking containers that our professor provided us with. Since we are not projecting anything on the scrim, all we had to do was enter a constant into that feed so it wouldn’t show up when projected.

A look at the way it’s outputting
Inside of OUTPUTUI