Lots of updates

May 1st

Spinning moon

For our 6th visual, we also opted out of doing the “chasing dots” with the music. Miki started working on our “spinning moon” on After Effects. He ended up timing it with the music again. He transferred the file over to me so I could add a “Saber” effect that he wasn’t able to download on his computer, and it was supposed to give us more of a starburst effect. Unfortunately, I also wasn’t able to add it either so we left it as was.

I also noticed that this video is a little shorter than the timing for the section this visual is supposed to go up for, so what we are going to do is as soon as this video ends we will fade to black, pull up our first constellation visual, let it play for the remained of the timing since it fits well with the music, and then switch it to the 7th visual. We have to make sure the entire thing is faded to black when we do the switch between visuals or else we will see all the other visuals in between since the way the switch works is in chronological order and we are trying to go from visual 6 -> visual 1 -> visual 7.

May 2nd

Sliding timeline

After coding long into the night (I didn’t realize I had forgotten to declare a variable and it set me back a couple of hours woooooooooo but I figured it out),  following a video my professor had on youtube over timelines, I was finally able to connect my slider that when I pressed play on my music button, it followed along so we would have a vague idea of where we were in the show! I’ll probably go back and add some little indicators of when we have to switch our visuals so we don’t have to be just relying on our ears.

The play/pause buttons are actually going to be running over OSC to be triggered during the show; hopefully, I didn’t break anything when I added my code. I also ran into some problems as I couldn’t get the length of the audio file by itself when I used the info chop so I had to actually make a video file using the audio so I could get the index and then be able to code it so my timeline would be the exact length of my music video so it would properly work.

Timeline at bottom of screen working as I hit play/pause/reset. (excuse the lag)

Spinning sun thing

Miki also managed to finish our final visual that we needed, visual 2!

Second waves

And I also modified the waves in the first visual to make it more dynamic in the 8th. I achieved this by drastically changing the angle of the camera to be right up on the wave + I linked it to my color buttons as well. Still not sure if we will even end up changing the color of our plexus + waves.

same as other wave
closer look at camera
Final wave