Spiral + more boxes

April 27th

Icy blue spiral

As Miki started working on the second, third, and sixth visual we ended up changing our idea of what we wanted to do. Looking back at our gif inspirations, and trying to recreate them it was kind of impossible to do a spiraling circle thing that repeated on the same path. It just wasn’t achieving the effect we wanted. Miki found a file that we dubbed a ‘icy blue spiral’ that by modifying it went with the music the way we wanted to so we could use it for the third visual.

Slightly modified
Final version

April 29th

Some cool boxes

I started working on the fourth visual and as we had no real plan on what we wanted to do I played off the idea of making a construction that leads to the fifth visual as well as timing it to certain beats in the song perfectly. I started working on the ending of that section and worked my way back. By messing around on After Effects I found the reflect setting in after effects which gave me the idea of in the first half of playing with symmetry and reflection. Finally, by adding a glitch to it, it played nicely for the rest of the musical elements I wasn’t hitting.

Work in progress
More work in progress
Final version