Tech Days

May 2nd

Tech Day

Since I was unable to go to spacing earlier in the week, I ended up doing all of my programmings this day. It started off kind of really painful and slow as our whole group seemed to be on edge and things were stressful. But as our rehearsal went on things started to come together and the day ended smoothly. I consulted with Myrah a lot during programming since I wanted her to be happy with the looks and we did finish with something we were both happy with.

If it wasn’t for Chris informing me of where the lights were located, the user numbers, and giving me advice on how to create the perfect lights I don’t know what I would have done.

May 5th + May 8th

Dress Act #1 + Final Dress Act

The lights are looking incredible with the haze! Myrah only requested some minor changes that we were able to easily fix. Our order has now changed though, instead of us going first we are now going third. Things are looking good as we go into our opening night!