Week 2: Python Cont.

Feb 2 – Feb 8

This week I continued going through the 4-hour tutorial I was working on last week. I have one more hour left of it and then I will be done with it! The tutorial is full of just basics but they are very helpful and necessary as I am a beginner in Python. I think after I finish this video I am still going to spend another week or so going over the basics just to have them instilled in my brain. I found an 8 hour tutorial of Python basics, may I’ll attempt to tackle that one next!

I have also been reading through the W3 website to go over the terms. I think I am going to start taking more in-depth notes by hand so I have a notebook I can turn to in case I need something defined.

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I also watched another one of Matthew Ragans’s videos about Python specifically in TouchDesigner. His videos are very useful as the biggest reason I am learning Python is to be able to use it in TouchDesigner. His videos are also just treading in basics but as I am doing the other course, Matthews videos are a refresher and help re-enforce the concepts in my head and give me a better idea of how I am going to be using Python.

As I was scrolling through my YouTube channel this video popped up on my recommended and I was intrigued. The biggest takeaway I took from this video is that it is a great thing that I am starting with the basics and not just trying to dive headfirst into a project (even though that is what I did when I’ve been using Python with TouchDesigner). I googled a lot of the code I found but did not really understand what the code meant, I just knew that it worked. Now that after I learn the basics I will be starting my official project in Touch, I think I will be better prepared. The line that Kalle said in the video that stuck with me the most was “Motivation is doing the things you aren’t excited about to get you to your goal.” I know I mentioned in my last blog that I was excited about learning how to code using Python and that still is the case but I know the deeper I go into this the more I will get frustrated. As long as I remember that quote, I think it will get me through the frustration.