Week 7 & 8 – TouchDesigner rewind

Coming into this segment of my project, I have about a year’s worth of TouchDesigner experience. I say this loosely. For this, I wanted to take this time to hone in on skills that I already knew and learn some new things. These first two weeks I spent going through some tutorials that I had found online and mostly following along to them perfectly.

One of the aspects I really wanted to explore was Kinetic Typography in Touch. This specific visual below also helped me understand instancing better. It was a video from Factory Settings.

The interesting story behind this specific visual is that because I am running TouchDesigner on my Mac there is certain things that I am unable to do. I did not notice that in the comments someone had mentioned that they couldn’t do one specific thing because they were on the Mac. The good thing is that he was able to find a work-around around it. I shot him a message on Instagram and he was kind enough to send me his file so I could see. I ended up coming up with this.

Another big aspect I wanted to focus on was Audio Reactivity. I really had not messed around much with this in Touch and I was pleasantly surprised. I stumbled upon the holy grail that is Elekktraunat’s videos. This one specifically is using audio reactivity.

The song that I chose for this one was actually a piece that I wrote.

I definitely enjoyed delving deeper into this area of TouchDesigner.