Content Update 2

May 4

I started this visual by taking out BlackHole input and replacing it with a normal audio file as sometimes BlackHole messed me up as I was creating the visuals. From there I just took the raw sound connected it to a CHOP to SOP in order to get the XY positions, connected it to a Line Thickness to create a line, and then connected that to my Particle SOP. It created the shimmering effect that disrupted the colors in the back.

This one ended up being one of my favorite visuals that I have created for this project but I wasn’t satisfied because it was not audio interactive enough for my liking:

May 6

For this version, I added more aspects to the Audio Portion in hopes that there would be more reactivity and it seemed to work. I connected Sphere SOPS that reacted to the low-frequency band of my sound, fed it into a different Geo and layered it on top of the original Geo.

The visual ended up looking like this:

I quite liked how that one looked, because there was more evidence of reactivity but I still thought it was a bit too messy, I wanted something cleaner and smoother.

Going from that one I tried to modify it by using box along with the sphere but I’m not sure anything really happened.

The visual kind of ended up looking the same as the previous one:

I deleted the box and instead added a twist and transform after the Sphere SOP and ended up with an Audio Band in the middle of my visual.

I like how the band is focused on the center of the visual and is reactive enough that it isn’t distracting but still reactive enough.

As I used the colors in the back as a subtle background, I focused on the foreground. I wanted to have something more crisp and visible.

This was what I ended up with:

This is getting closer to what I wanted. I liked the glowing circle but the next step is to make that audio-reactive as well.